An egg is an egg is an egg…..

And then there are the eggs to consider.  Eggs in the U.S. are much bigger than eggs in the rest of the world, and sometimes my recipes would not come out perfect, until I searched the internet for different egg conversions.

egg sizes

My daughter’s favorite cake is one that we refer to as Mrs. Reade’s cake.  Mary Reade, makes the best angel food cake this side of the equator!  (I remind you I live in Argentina!)  It is a heavenly concoction with the fluffiest meringue.

A few years ago, I tried to make one at home and failed dismally… upon repeating the recipe, I noticed that the batter seemed different, and then I realized that the eggs were not the same as the ones I used the first time.

Eggs in Argentina are not measured so exactly as in the U.S., soooo… off I was researching exactly how much egg white fit into a cup!

There are many explanations on the internet, and with it I ended up with the following calculations: 1 cup whole egg is equivalent to 4 large U.S. eggs; 1 cup egg whites are equal to 8 U.S. egg whites, and 12 U.S.egg yolks fill 1 cup (These approximations are based on a large (2-oz) egg).

So I use those numbers to calculate how many cups of my eggs correspond to the number of eggs required in a recipe.

I can now safely say that my angel food cake comes out almost as good as Mary Reade’s!  To check out my recipe click here.  The Italian Meringue recipe is here.

eggs    an egg is an egg

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