Road to Heaven is my R phrase … #atozchallenge

R relates to April 21, 2017

I happened to bump into the #AtoZChallenge looking for god-knows-what in the web.  It sounds very interesting, and although I’m really late in the game, I thought I would try my hand at this challenge!

This challenge is about posting an entry every weekday in April, using each letter of the alphabet a day.  People choose different themes, some write haikus, others about fears they’d like to overcome.

What I especially found so interesting of this challenge is the wide variety of entries, from fiction to nonfiction, and in all sorts of genre.

From some of the ones I’ve read, I thoroughly enjoyed two entries:  The first is by Geoff Le Pard.  In his description, he writes “Earlier in the show, at G is for… I recounted my experiences with Gertie my guinea pig. And I’ve told of the family dog, Punch and my parents’ cat Misty whose poem, written by dad, I revealed a while ago.”  They are wonderful stories!

The other entry I really enjoyed was Andrea Lundgren’s, with pointers for fiction writers.  Her entry for O is informative: “There comes a time in your story when you have to define the opposition. Your characters can be on the run from enemies for a while without indicating who they are and why they’re after them, but eventually, you need to give some details about what they’re up against.”

I hope I’ll have time to post all 10 of the remaining entries.

Hope hope hope… my dad used to say that the road to heaven is paved with good intentions!  And although I was very young when I first heard it, I seem to use his quote many times a week!

As years go by you realize it is not the end of the world not to reach your goal, but it is very important to set a goal and to do your best to achieve a good result!

So I choose Road to Heaven as my R phrase, and with it I render a real resolution to write 10 riveting reports by Rossetti for the remainder of April!





What do you think of intentions and goals? Do you set special goals?  I’d love to hear your opinions!


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