S is for Sabrina … #atozchallenge

The silence is soft like the gauze curtains masking the closed shutters.  As I open my eyes I can feel the crisp sheets against my clean skin.  All signs of the grueling past hours are gone, leaving only a faint soreness that’s mitigated by the strange mixture of apprehension, fear and happiness.

My head turns and as I look at the wallpaper, cool cornflower blue striped with white, my eyes stop at the framed poster hanging in front of me.

In the midst of this unknown blend of emotions, I study the serene landscape.  A delightful and colorful garden surrounds a quaint thatched cottage.  There are no people in the scene and yet it’s not a lonely one.  It’s actually quite soothing.

Although I am quite comfortable, I feel a quirk of anxiety: a combination of fearing the future but wanting it to start immediately!

My mouth feels as if it’s lined with a grey dish rag.  I realize I haven’t washed my teeth, nor had anything to drink since last night.

I notice the dash of sunlight that streams though the shutters and I wonder what time it is.  I try to calculate how many minutes, hours? have passed since 8:36.

Many years of trivial 8:36s have come and gone until this split second changed my life…

Sabrina was born…

Sabrina is my daughter, Sabrina is my joy, Sabrina makes my life wonderful!

So, I choose Sabrina to represent today’s letter S.




I’d love to read your comments about having a child… that wondrous feeling of ALL!

My April 21, 2017 post was R…. about Resolutions, intentions and goals.

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