About Me: Meet Celeste

Meet Celeste

I grew up in a isolated mining town in northern Argentina, more specifically in Jujuy Province.

The arid and desolate climate in El Aguilar perhaps gave me a deep love of nature.  In fact, it’s probably why I try to live a lifestyle that is in harmony with my surroundings.

cele-c1961aThat remoteness also made me appreciate the resourcefulness of the women that lived there:  my mother and other women like her followed their husbands around the world to far-off mining towns.  They modified their family recipes to high altitudes, different measuring systems and just plain lack of ingredients!  If there was an upcoming party they were all busy sewing beautiful party dresses… and decorations and menus were contributed from singular and exotic places where they had visited or lived.

Without realizing it, I find myself replicating this, even though I now live a pampered modern lifestyle.  If I need something, I usually find it in a market nearby!

My home today is absolutely connected to nature.  I look out the window to see 1,000 tints of green, and I breathe the fresh air with hints of mowed grass.

I enjoy tweaking recipes to my family’s likes, and pick up ideas along the way to entertain and decorate.  I find these on the web, which I find to be the most important tool to anyone with even a little bit of curiosity!

My mission with Think-Celeste © is to provide simple answers and practical tips, real food recipes, natural beauty and cleaning tutorials, and entertainment ideas that will make your home a happy one.

I enjoy getting feedback, hearing how one recipe worked (or didn’t work) for somebody, and interchanging knowledge and experience.  Please leave a comment if you have something to share, and ask me a question anytime!  You can also send an email at think.cele(at)gmail.com.



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